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For the next couple of weeks or so, recordings of the 2nd
& 3rd John series will be played for the weeknight Bible

Concerning Q & A’s, Lord willing, we will have a live Q & A on Friday night on Skype starting at 9:30 pm ET. And then for about 1/2 an hour on Sunday. The Sunday Bible study will also be recorded.


After praying for direction, I thought it might be good for us to take a closer look at Genesis chapter 8. Without mentioning that to anyone at least 3 other people have suggested to me that’s a good place for us to look into. Which has been a form of encouragement that that is the way we should go for now.

Lord willing, we will begin an in depth (verse by verse) Bible study in the book of Genesis (starting at Genesis 1:1) in a couple of weeks time. I think it would also be good for us to go very carefully through the genealogies of Genesis statement by statement various pieces of the biblical calendar of history. This should also give sufficient time for study before arriving at Genesis chapter 8.

Thank you. And may the Lord’s perfect will be done.


Interview with Alan Colmes on Fox News Radio

Radio Interviews on October 6, 2015

There was another program on Irish Radio; the podcast archive for the Irish interview at, with the recording, has been posted. (This program is available for download; it is about 31 mb.) WARNINGBe mindful, Chris is only on during about the first 25 minutes; the program continues with other people, with their worldly opinions!

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Look for The Time of my Departure is at Hand EBible Fellowship Chris McCann under SUNDAY REPLAY.

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Luke Series (Audio)

Questions and Answers

The Creator Creates Once Again (Written Transcripts)

Luke (Written transcripts)

Vietnamese – Chương Trình Tiếng Việt

Radio Indonesia Programs


Regarding Friday Night Study – Special Announcement

preparing a place

An explanation of ‘preparing a place’; knowing the time; what the world will look like near the end; great hope

This is an excerpt from Questions and Answers September 20 (from about 7 to 23 min. in.) Please find the complete recording here.

John 14:2-3    In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Regarding Friday Night Study – Special Announcement

Dear friends,
I have not handled the matter of the Friday Night Study group and their involvement with the proclamation of the Oct. 7th, 2015 message very wisely at all.
I allowed an impression to grow that E Bible and the FNS group are aligned. We are not. But sadly, there may be numerous people out there that think by joining the FNS tract trips they are going on an E Bible tract trip. Or by supporting those efforts they are supporting E Bible Fellowship ministry in some way. I need to correct that impression.
E Bible Fellowship has no affiliation (nor do we desire one) with Friday Night Study group. They are teaching things we do not agree with.         And want no part of in any way.
In order to rectify (as much as possible) this situation: I am going to ask that no links to the Friday Night Study website, or Face book groups, or to the Oct7th site be posted in any of E Bible’s groups. The problem with the Oct7th website is that it links to the FNS website. We do not want to direct anyone to that site.
Some of our Face book pages are presently using images that have the Oct7th website on them. We will change those images as soon as possible.
Also, E Bible’s Day in the Word Sunday (and the following Saturday, Lord willing) will no longer be broadcast via the FNS stream. We will develop our own video stream or air the audio only.
Of course if you have signed up for a tract trip with the FNS group, whether you go or not is up to you. I do know that a faithful man went to go on a trip with them today, and then realized that they had turned their Q marks into ! points on all their signs. He had brought his own signs and thought it would be unwise to be involved with sharing a mixed message.         So he decided not to go.
I know some may be troubled by this information. But let’s all keep in mind that we are still within the time of severe testing. And we (E Bible) need to conduct ourselves faithfully no matter how short the time is.

From Chris McCann

Updated – Tracts Available in these Languages

Afrikaans                         Tract 3    
Amharic        Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3
Arabic         Tract 1            Tract 3
Bengali                           Tract 3
Chinese        Tract 1
Croatian                          Tract 3
English        Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3 Tract 4
French         Tract 1   Tract 2
German                   Tract 2
Greek                             Tract 3
Hindi          Tract 1
Igbo           Tract 1   Tract 2
Indonesian     Tract 1            Tract 3
Italian                           Tract 3
Japanese                          Tract 3
Korean         Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3
Nepali         Tract 1   Tract 2
Polish         Tract 1            Tract 3
Portuguese     Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3
Punjabi                           Tract 3
Russian        Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3
Spanish        Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3 Tract 4
Tagalog        Tract 1
Thai                              Tract 3
Turkish                           Tract 3
Vietnamese     Tract 1   Tract 2  Tract 3 Tract 4
Zulu                     Tract 2

If the tract is in the .pdf format it will open a window when clicked. To download right-click. If the file is in the .doc format, it will download.