• Ways of listening to EBible Fellowship 24 hours a day

EBible’s website has an audio player along with a schedule of
what’s playing:
You can also listen through your phone or Skype/FreeConferenceCallHD
Phone Information and Schedule
Throughout the week, live audio is broadcast over a phone
conference which is accessible by phone or Skype. During
times of Questions & Answers, the phone conference will
be opened up to take questions.

NOTE: (Effective August 19 – NEW phone number)

How to Listen by Phone:
Dial 1-641-715-3650 and enter the access code 18-16-10 followed by the # key (this is a new telephone number as of August 19, 2015). Note that toll charges or minutes may apply depending on your phone plan as this is NOT a toll-free number.

Additional information here.

How to Listen with Skype/FreeConferenceCallHD
Click to call the freeconferencecallhd.1600 Skype user. Click
the dial-pad button (small grid) in Skype to open the dial pad
and then enter the access code 18-16-10 followed by
the # key.
Note: If after connecting, the dial-pad button is not available,
on Windows Skype, click the Call menu item, then click the
Show Dial Pad item.
Here are a few additional ways of listening:
responsive/flashphone/flash-phone.php (Follow instructions
as above, see image below.)
Flash phone uses the same telephone and access numbers.
MP3 Stream: Low bandwidth 32 Kbps stream suitable for
dial-up users.
MP3 Stream: High bandwidth 128 Kbps stereo stream suitable
for broadband users.
Ogg Vorbis Stream: Medium bandwidth 50+ Kbps stereo
stream suitable for broadband users.
Tunein.com – Listen to the above streams and see the currently
playing track:
Apps are available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

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